This probably happened to almost everyone that travels. My worst experience while traveling has to be when I got sick in Ecuador. Really sick! A week-long of diarrhea, with the color changing almost everyday to brown to pale green. (I just think I threw up in my mouth).


It was a night full of debauchery in San Jose, Costa Rica. We were up all night going to club to club, finding the best priced drink, girls (well not the ones you have to buy…) and hot spots. The sun was rising and we were about two miles from our hostel. When we finally arrived at our hostel by foot, I’ve decided to take leak. And in the horizon we saw to girls coming our way. So stupidly I kept on peeing, lewd like. So they came up to me and asked if I needed help, and before I knew it she had grabbed my balls. Well this would’ve been fine only if she wasn’t a he. 🙁


It was in Paris, you know in the red light district, where there is no good to be found. After a few drinks in our belly we decided why not? let’s go see what this is all about. “This” was: a card that some Arabian gave us at a corner of Place de Clichy. We entered a door in an alleyway off the main street. There was a room with a couple of Americans dancing with girls. My friend decided to dance with one of them – big mistake! Meanwhile I drank two beers while waiting for him to finish up. After my friend got bored and tired, we decided to go. But we couldn’t; we had to pay. We had to pay about 300 Euros. Yes! 300 euros for two beers and dancing. We told them we weren’t going to. they locked the doors and threatened us for about half an hour. Pushing us on the couch, pulling us away from the door. I finally had to give them my last 50 euros. They said it wasn’t enough. I told the pugilistic Russian, ” Fine let’s go box.” That’s when they let us go.


Was a driving experience, close to death experience. We were driving at night in Croatia from Porec to Zagreb. Do you know there are no lights on that road? And it’s a very narrow road at that. So for a good three hours I was white-knuckling the rental. And quite a few times we went off-roading very close to the cliff…


Has to be when I was driving to Maine from Miami. I made good time about 24 hours straight. I was delirious and almost hallucinating. I foolishly took a wrong exit. When coming off the exit I was in the middle of nowhere, it was pitch black. And then all of a sudden I was hit from behind by another car. It was a love tap. But the car began to flee. I began chase on the back-roads of Maine. I couldn’t see anything. The car finally escaped my sight and I was alone. I began to make a U-turn but ended up in a ditch. It was about 3 am. I got off the car checked to see if there was any damage, there wasn’t. I finally made it out of the ditch. But I left my wallet and all my cash behind in that dark road. I needed money to be wired to me by my padres….a very very sad trip that was…

Photo: wonderferret


    • Don’t let my story dissuade you from seeing how awesome Ecuador is! Just don’t be absent-minded as me, don’t drink the water!!! or eat salad or anything washed in water before eating….boil everything! I’m paranoid about getting sick like that again…so I take extreme measures.


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