I’m going to start number one with the very first one I can remember. I was eight years old. My parents had taken us on a month-long road trip to explore East Coast USA. What stood out the most in those thirty days was when we arrived to Rutland, Vermont. It wasn’t the city that struck a cord with me but the event, snow; That was the first time I saw, played, ate, and pissed in snow. I’m originally from Miami, Florida, so seeing snow was a VERY BIG deal for my me and my brother.


Was my first trip (without my parents) that was over a month. I explored Europe with my best friend at twenty. We visited over ten countries and racked up debt like there was no tomorrow (something I learned not to do anymore). There wasn’t a specific country that stood out the most but the bond between friends tightened…and not in a gay way, lol.


Had to be in Costa Rica. I had taken my girlfriend (now my wife) to her very first journey into another country. She was a virgin, a travel virgin that is 🙂 So, her very first time had to be a special one. It was a three week journey, and the most memorable was at Osa Peninsula, where we stayed in tents in the Corcovado Rainforest. It was just exciting to see her get excited!


Had to have been my solo trip to the Bahamas, during Junkanoo. I didn’t know I was going during the same time as the festival but it was a pleasant surprise to see the streets crowded with people…I had to foolishly ask what was happening, the person that I asked, laughed and said ” You know where you are, right?” (obviously: I was still a young sibling traveler).


My last moment has to be in Cersuta, Italy, along the Maratea coast. There on the rocks of the beach is where I asked my wife to marry me. Awww…how gushyyy. (the picture in this post is my wife being overwhelmed by the crashing waves of the Tyrrhenian Sea).


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