A realtor that urgently needs to be in “What Not To Wear”, your mobile device all of a sudden communicates with you bilingually, and a few other quirky traits that other people tweeted about when they are in Miami.



Emily Morrow
I wish you could tell when it’s #autumn in Miami. It’s the same heat as always!
Looking so tan…i’ll fit in just fine in Little Havana when i visit fam & Miami in general in Nov #leggo



Where they keep partying after the game at the club they built inside the stadium #onlyinmiami lockerz.com/s/139999834
Viviane Aviva 
Really? Does this lady sell houses in that shirt!?! LOL #onlyinMIAMI twitpic.com/6ke4hz



You know you’re in Miami when your iPhone overheats and then randomly goes into Spanish mode. twitpic.com/6mau8q
✔TVs It Girl
Its like being in Miami again when you get all these Spanish commercials on an ENGLISH channel lol



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