Some people might have no idea what you mean when you tell them “Go to La Vaquita.” It literally translates to The Cow. But Miami Spanish-speaking residents perfectly know what a Vaquita is.



Matt Toth
you know you live in miami when… Farm Stores Express has been renamed by everyone to La Vaquita
Jimi Santoli
It’s pouring rain in Miami. You know what that means? Morons driving w/ their hazard lights on! #onlyinmiami



Nicolle Pons

School by day, adult club by night? #onlyinmiami
#OnlyInMiami u have to stop on the bridge to let 1 stupid little a$$ boat cross smdh..



Mike Ryan
#OnlyInMiami can you find Cuban bread on the sidewalk
Only in Miami, can you say your career is a “club promoter.”



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