[dropcap1]Y[/dropcap1]ou’ve planned it out. Listed the attractions you wanted to see. Checked the schedule of each museum twice and thrice. Routed the best and quickest ways to travel using the city’s public transportation. Discovered all the salivating culinary delights from the best-reviewed restaurants in the city. And all of a sudden thunder cracks, the sky darkens and London is immersed in a downpour of wet despair. But don’t fret little traveler all is not lost, your day is not ruined and all that tension you’re building is an unwanted souvenir.

Breathe. It can’t rain all the time. Leave your checklist in your backpack for now and take a step back, realize you can’t beat the rain, but you can relax to its soft tranquil din. So, instead of a tour of London’s attractions you might consider changing your vacation to hotel spa breaks.

London may be known for its fish and chips, stout beer, witty humor, and Piccadilly Circus that isn’t a circus (or is it?), but you’ll be glad to know my wet little traveler that it houses one of the best hotel spas for those needing that most needed ME time.

One can seek out therapeutic massage treatments that can make the most wound-up traveler feel like a free-floating jellyfish and quiet the urge to sight-see. Or you can dine-in in one of the best-rated hotel restaurants.

Looking for a bit of an Asian escape? Hop on over to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hyde Park. They have two restaurants to choose from. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal is touted to be one of the most celebrated restaurants featuring an all-British menu. It is said that Blumenthal and Chef Ashley Palmer-Watts labored countless hours over books at the British Library and spoke to a myriad of foodie historians in search of Britain’s epicurean essence. The result: bliss in your mouth.

Or you can dine-in at Bistro Chic, where Michelin starred chef Daniel Boulud controls the reins. The menu is rustic French cooking that’ll make you drool the words “Oh, magnifique!” Or allow your mouth to go on a tour of France’s wine regions – you’ll find they have a long, very long list to choose from.

After the luxurious grub that you finished scarfing down, you’ll want to near the window and observe the stubborn rain still pommeling over your undiscovered London. But wait don’t frown! There’s more to do at your hotel. Massage time! Your ME time. And depending in what hotel you’ve booked, you can always find London is loaded with the most well-reviewed and notable Spas that’ll provide the escape from the rain you’re seeking.


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