Thanks for tuning in to the third edition of Covering Ground. Hope you enjoy these travel articles from inside the vaults of travel-dome.

[dropcap3]Being Nomad[/dropcap3]

Being nomadUnexpected challenges of the nomadic lifestyle – “Free-spirited” and “No rules to follow,” would probably describe a nomadic traveler, think again: Being nomad is like playing opposite day for an entire journey. Normally, travel hurdles would consist of stringent itineraries, train connections to catch and so on,  but for a nomad time is irrelevant. Patience is a a talent they cultivate, along with geo-tagging their memory, redefining travel gems (they are no longer relaxing beaches), and using their souvenirs not as adornments but necessary tools.  Talon Windtalker from 1 Dad 1 Kid gives us insight to the nomadic’s perspective.

[dropcap3]Running Towards Adventure[/dropcap3]

We’re Not Running Away, We’re Running Towards Adventure! – Yes! I’m just going around the world be right back: Others might look at you and say why? When you tell them you’re traveling around the world with your daughter and hubby. Pinay from Pinay Travel Junkie was recently in the similar situation when she became restless after her first round the world journey and needed to go on another RTW. But this time her child is bigger and as all parents know it can become a bit more challenging with potty training around the corner and curious little minds sprinting down the street chasing that random bird. But challenges are only defeating when you allow them to be.

Read Possibily Pinay’s, another Filipino travel blogger, top 5 worst travel experiences.

[dropcap3]Borrowed Lens[/dropcap3]

Travel article, lion africa storyAfrica: Through a Borrowed Lens –
Do you really need that expensive lens to capture a great shot?: Of course you don’t. Yes it is tempting to unwrap a new toy out of its lavish matte box but those thrills don’t last like the memories of an African adventure. No Kids Will Travel explains how he saved money by renting a lens for his camera rather than purchasing a new or used one. Enjoy their African wildlife images.



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