We are back on the airplane

[icon image=”cloud” size=”medium” cont=”no” float=”left”][dropcap2]O[/dropcap2]nce again for our segment of #OnThePlane. Today we are looking at how the human reacts when they are bored, confused, and star gazed. Us humans can be a bit pity at times but we do know how to make time fly on a 2-4 hour plane ride.

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Now what do we do when we see ominous gas seeping into the airplane? We take a pic of it of course:


Unfortunately, we don’t get to see some celebrities on airplanes; they go private

Some go First Class

While others are grouped in with the herd

The Celebrities we do see, either in first or economy, we flock to them

Most of us envy these people



Not sure about this one


But Most of us are all scared of these as our neighbors



Not sure what this guy is doing

There is NO AC on this @SouthwestAir plane so this man is hol... on Twitpic

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Again, this what the none sleepers do on airplanes


Some work

Some Spy

Spying on advertisement. But when did we start seeing ads on overhead doors?


Some play with dolls

Majority of the people complain about their sleeping neighbors or the smells they emit



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