#3. On The Plane (Selfie Pic Edition)

Today #OnThePlane takes us deeper into the psyche of the traveler. We get to see a more personal side of this fearless wanderer = their Self Pics whilst on the plane. Self Pics are very common in bathroom settings and even more so when seated on an airplane for more than an hour. Boredom tends to lead to self-indulgence and a bit of vanity but it's all for the s*#ts and giggles. Now let our social savvy travelers guide you on how to perform various self pics while on an airplane.

#2. On The Plane

We are back on the airplane Once again for our segment of #OnThePlane. Today we are looking at how the human reacts when they are bored, confused, and star gazed. Us humans can be a bit pity at times but we do know how to make time fly on a 2-4 hour plane ride.

#1. On the Plane

You've probably been on an airplane a few hundred times or maybe just once or maybe not even at all. No matter the number,...