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Driven by Demons in Santa Cruz | Belize

Taxis are practical, right? Well, in certain countries they may be hazardous to your health. Enjoy this traveler's story as he finds out the hard way.

Rocky Ride To Kao San Road | Thailand

So imagine you're in another country, ready for an adventure and then Bam!...you meet some hostile tourists that make your trip an even more adventurous start for your story.

One little mistake…So Hot Right Now – Mumbai, India

Want to know how it is to ride in a taxi in India. Read this traveler's icky, oozy, sticky, cramped, putrid taxi ride. And a quick bird's eye view of India's stratification.

Guns and Frivolity in Cambodia

This adventurer went to Cambodia for some culture but ended up throwing grenades. A clear sign that travel experiences may vary...

First Perfume, Then The Pyramids, Egypt, Africa

Strong arm haggling in a "laissez-faire world", but the taxi cab man will go out of his and your way for a commission. One of the many stories travelers fall prey to.