Travel Photo, Image of Carate, Corcavado Rainforest, Costa Rica

Forest to the left, water to the right, fine gray sand stretches ahead – you’re in the Jungle baby and you’re not gonna know what’s going to happen!!!

Yes, the intro was a bit cheesy but jungles always make me swell up with ricotta.

The walk to your rain-forest campsite is about a mile on the beach. Here is where you gather your thoughts and consider your present moment. You are in the middle of two enormous unknowns: the sea and a thick jungle. You can clearly see what is on the horizon when you view water-ward, but when you gaze to flora you are stop short by a wall of trees and bush.

Both look perfectly welcoming, calming to the senses, like an awaiting dessert in a pastry shop asking to be eaten. The only difference is that you know how that dessert will taste.

In the ocean and jungle you are helpless and perfectly imbalanced in nature; nature makes sensibilities an unabated enemy – you never know what you’ll get by the cover. But you are up for the challenge. You can feel the cool breeze, the sand going in between your toes as you step, and you know, if there’s a horse-and-carriage pulling your backpack for you what can possibly go wrong. But you never know, and this is what travelers seek when they visit a Costa Rican rain-forest in the Osa Peninsula.


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