There are not many areas in London that encompass and project all that is great about this wonderful city. On the other hand, areas that provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of London are equally scarce. Hyde Park offers both qualities in a singular location.

It’s far enough from the city to provide you will peace & tranquility and close enough so you don’t feel detached and miss out on the action. We are just getting started here with what makes Hyde park such a desirable location.

Before you start getting excited and make plans for a London escape, know that the popularity and desirability of Hyde Park is reflected in its pricing.

Renting in Hyde Park

Purchasing a home is Hyde Park is well out of your range? Don’t worry, you can rent yourself a glorious flat in Hyde Park as well. You may not get the luxury you dreamed off when you rent a flat, but the furnished flats you find, will be among the best in the city. With contemporary designs and layouts of the flats, you will not want for anything more.

You’ll get your money’s worth not just in terms of high living, but also have access to transport links all over the city, as well as thriving social events for you to attend, and let’s not forget living in the proximity of one the best parks in the United kingdom and the world.

Hyde Park is in demand for various reasons

Fine dining

Living in Hyde Park will give you access to a variety of amenities other people can only wish for. You will be in close proximity to the excellent restaurants popular for their finest cuisines. It includes the renowned, fashionable Zuma Restaurant located in Knightsbridge. Having already forged the reputation for providing a unique take on Japanese traditional Izakaya cuisine, it’s frequented by the most famous faces of the capital.

Another eatery in the nearby Marble Arch, owned by celebrity chef Gary Rhodes, is where you can enjoy most European dishes with a classic British twist. In addition to this, try the exotic Taman Gang or several pizzerias, bistros, and quaint cafes, you won’t ever have to struggle to find cuisines to surprise your palate.

Events & Activities

Another reason Hyde Park is popular is because in June this year, this park will feature the best of the best comedians appearing alongside popular music talent for a stellar performance.

Cycling, football, tennis, and swimming are just some of the few activities you can take part in. While the park itself provides such scenery that you would love to take a morning stroll in.

Cultural Highlights

Living in Hyde Park will also put you within close proximity of numerous cultural locations, which include the infamous Royal Albert Hall. This hall is where numerous concerts and shows are performed throughout the year.

So if you wish to stay in central London, Hyde Park is clearly the logical choice. It boasts transport links all over the city and also features a vibrant social scene nearby. It is far enough from the hustle and bustle of main London to offer you much needed peace.



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