While this Panoramic Camera Ball may not be ideal for capturing your travel photos, this is a step toward a new way to capture our world. This ball is a thesis brain child of German student, Jonas Pfeil. To create the 360 spherical image, Jonas installed 36 fixed-focus 2 megapixel mobile phone camera modules inside the ball.  He wanted to capture an image that is both vertical and horizontal, incorporating below the camera without the tripod in the way. And to this he decided to come up a camera that can be tossed up into the air and instantaneously capture the world around. The camera comes fitted with a accelerometer to measure the launch acceleration, the ground crew then is able to predict the peak of the throw, and when it is motionless before its way down, this is when the image is taken.

If they put this ball into production for consumer love, which is what Jonas is planning, I would hope that the ball could collapse to fit in your luggage.


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