Kids play. Three kids from the Huaorani, Apaka village, play and pose.

This was our last day of our visit with the Huaorani tribe in Ecuador’s Oriente (the Amazon rainforest). We were treated with a farewell goodbye from this particular village, the Apaika village.

A Huaorani Child asks for a close up.

The Huaorani’s treated us with a wonderful experience to their way of life: they danced, we danced, they drank, we drank (chicha: taste like yogurt, despite the saliva!)

Three kids from the Huaorani Tribe

We were bit by huge flies, but that didn’t matter. We fell in love with the people of the Apaika village. We also got our faces painted with fruit seeds.

Group of Huaorani kids in their home.

Then the kids wanted to play. We were happy to oblige. They weren’t shy at all.

Laughing kids of the Huaorani tribe.

We were adorned with palm frond crowns. We drank more chicha (it was the two-week fermented kind = meaning we got tipsy).

Kids Laugh in their home in the Amazon.

So we started taking pictures of the little kids. The kids wanted their pictures taken, as you can see.

Serious child from the Apaka village of the Huaorani tribe

Some kids weren’t that into it, but they warmed up once they saw their image on the lcd. Then they asked for more pictures to be taken.

A Huaorani child bends to camera.

This last visit to the Apaika village was a treat like no other. Meeting kids from another country, another way of life, another living condition. But they were just kids; all kids want to have fun.

Huaorani kid

This is what traveling is all about. Living and experiencing great travel stories. Ones that can be cherished for a life time.

Huaorani Child

We’ll be going back very soon. And hope to bring our own kids to play with the Huaorani little ones. And of course to get drunk on some chicha.

Posing in repose. A child poses at home in the Amazone

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Photos by Briana & Mike Finocchiaro


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