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And This Little Tourist Swam With Piranhas | Amazon, Peru

Following the outline of the Madre de Dios river on the far outskirts of Puerto Maldonado, our tour group trekked through eight miles of...

The Children of the Amazon, Ecuador’s Oriente

Meet the kids of the Apaika Village in Ecuador's Oriente (Amazon forest). The kids of the Huaorani tribe.

Dining in the oil towns of the Amazon: Tena and Coca,...

Food. It's what everybody needs. But it can be challenging when you head to a town that doesn't specialize in ordinary cuisines you might be used to.

Ecuador’s Amazon

Comfort is relative, in many ways. My fiance and I flew to Ecuador's Amazon in the Orient and lived several days with the Huaorani people. It is one of those fish out of the water experiences.