Selfies have been all the rage since Oxford Dictionary announced ‘Selfie’ as the word of the year!

So we felt it was our obligation to display a few Selfies from our designated area: Miami. Below you’ll find a few Selfies from Instagram and Twitter users that took part of the selfie craze in Miami.

Selfie Showing off Miami’s Avaricious Nature

All Dressed up Selfie while in Miami

Selfie with Latin Star in Miami

Selfies Showing Miami Heat Love

Selfie on South Beach, Miami

A Tatted Selfie in Miami

Selfie at the Club!

Selfies from Miami Adult Industry Folks

Billboard Selfie

What does that say??

Really Needed to Selfie

Feet & Leg Selfie in Miami

It’s pretty apparent that Miami has many photo-opportunities to display one’s creative selfie, but the most common characteristic in these selfies are the half-naked people…


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