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See the sights by bike in Zagreb, Croatia

At least that's what Blue Bike, a bike rental in Zagreb, wants you to believe. And I wholeheartedly agree with this notion...

Up The Bridge and Over My Fear | Auckland, New Zealand

Climbing a bridge may seem tame when comparing it to bungee jumping off of one. But don't drop your guard; danger strikes during vulnerable times. Take this story as a warning.

Like a Bird, Rio De Janeiro

What's more (in)sane than listening to a man telling you to run off the edge of a cliff? An exhilarating story of a weightless journey across Rio's cityscape.

A Kayak in Samoa – paddling from Upolu to Nu’utele

Kayaking in Samoa. Grab some beer and head off to explore the island and its people.

Riding the (Rare) Wave of Courage, Raglan, New Zealand

Venture with this traveler as she leaves fear aside and breaks down her comfort zones to reach harmony - even if it lasts for a second.

Guns and Frivolity in Cambodia

This adventurer went to Cambodia for some culture but ended up throwing grenades. A clear sign that travel experiences may vary...