[dropcap3]1. Getting My Willy Wet In Iceland[/dropcap3]


Rekjavik, Iceland, Hot Spinrg | Best Travel Experiences

Whipping off all my clothes in the sub-zero temperatures of Iceland, I don’t think I’ve ever seen my penis shrivel up to such record-breaking proportions before. Put to shame by the tall handsome locals that accompanied me, bathing in this natural hot spring close to the capital of Rekjavik is hardly going to be the easiest of experiences to forget. Whether I’ll be any rush to get my little sausage out again, remains to be seen of course.

[dropcap3]2. Repeatedly Hitting the Deck, Snowboarding in Spain [/dropcap3]


Travel Stories | Best Travel Experiences

What would an enlightening travel experience be without its fair share of pain? Heading out to the Sierra Nevada ski station, close to Granada, Andalusia, I finally got to try snowboarding (or, as I call it, sliding down a hill on your ass) for the first time. Hitting the deck time and time again wasn’t quite the picnic in the park I expected. Still the sense of achievement I got after completing a few runs later in the day? Priceless.

[dropcap3]3. Getting in Touch with my Feminine Side in Miami[/dropcap3]


Halloween in Miami | Beat Travel Experience

Don’t let any man tell you that dressing up as a woman isn’t fun. Having had my chance, on the Halloween streets of Miami’s Coconut Grove, I went to new extremes tying my hair into bunches and donning some rather nice fishnet stockings to complete this French Maid outfit. My make-up? Courtesy of an English friend studying abroad at the University of Miami.

[dropcap3]4. Attracting a Stray in Thailand[/dropcap3]


Stray dogs in Thailand | Best Travel Experiences

Ask any Western man who’s traveled to Thailand over the prospect of attracting “strays” and they’ll likely tell you it’s simply a question of taking your pick over the country’s many female gold-diggers. My stray, on the other hand, was the four-legged, furry kind, who I found roaming the beach on the island of Koh Samet, a few hours from Bangkok. I had to resist pretty strongly from taking this one back with me.

[dropcap3]5. Temple Raiding in Cambodia[/dropcap3]


Angkor Wat, India, Best Travel Moment

Angkor Wat. December 20th 2008. The best way to spend your twenty-third birthday ever. Approaching the main temple of Angkor, at the heart of Cambodia’s sprawling complex, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and my eyes feasted like never before. The most defining travel moment of my life.

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