My first trip to Europe was spontaneous and I traveled five weeks on my own. I had no idea what to expect, where I would end up or who I would meet. The only thing I knew for sure was the fact that I had return flights to London and I needed to be back in time to fly home to Australia. A definite highlight of that trip was an extremely rare opportunity that presented itself in a right time, right place manner. As I was admiring Michelangelo’s David, I noticed ‘The Fonz’, from ‘Happy Days’, buying souvenirs with his wife. It felt like I was in a dream as I was sure Henry Winkler would never be in the same museum as me, let alone the same city! I was with some lovely Canadian girls and we all approached him with caution. To my surprise he was very down to Earth and a lot friendlier than I though he would be. Henry was the one who asked if I wanted a photo with him!!!



Whilst in Kota Kinabalu eating in my local restaurant, I met a photographer who also ran the local aquarium. I was unaware there was one in the city and he informed me that it was only 6months old and they were still getting off the ground. We spoke for a while about my travel web site and said that I would be more than happy to visit and write an article for him. The next day when I arrived, I was blown away by the aquarium and found it hard to leave. There was a shark tank and I asked if I could dive in it. Customers aren’t usually allowed, but they made an exception and I went in with the staff to feed their turtle, Gangsta, and the illuminating sting-rays. It was an eye opening experience that certainly got my blood pumping and the sharks remained relatively hidden from us!



On a visit to the United States of America this year, I had a crazy idea in my head that I would get a tattoo done at La Ink. I knew the chances were slim as they have a television show, but I already had a sketch and if I was able to do it, I had already decided it would be my next tattoo. I arrived in LA and hired a car to drive through California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah. Before my friend and I left on the journey, I literally walked off the street and fortunately was able to book an appointment with Dennis the day before I flew back to Australia. After a few weeks of traveling around America, I went back to the shop. I was pleasantly surprised to see the film crew and Kat Von D herself making an episode of the show, the day of my tattoo. I wasn’t in the show, but it was great to see everything come together around me. Dennis is a great guy and an amazing artist. He spent 3hrs on my tattoo and I cannot pick one fault. It may have been expensive, but worth every penny!



There is no better feeling than arriving in Amsterdam for the first time. After a full day of travel by multiple trains while filled with anxiety to get there and know for sure if the stories are true! When I arrived Amsterdam had such a great vibe and I couldn’t wait to check into my hostel and start exploring. As soon as I arrived I was straight to the bar meeting new friends and smoking weed at a table which was so taboo for me! I kept trying to pay for what I was using, but no one would accept anything off me. Later in the night I found out I was there during the ‘Cannabis Cup’ and I was at a table with some of the people who pull the event together! It may have been the state I was in, but the three nights there were a complete blur and really felt like a dream!



I have never been a fan of heights, nor have I had the desire to bungy jump. When the chance to bungy for free in Cairns, Australia came into fruition, I literally jumped at the opportunity. The only catch was that I had to be topless… That was a gut wrenching experience of pure adrenalin and I loved every minute. When I was in Macau, I went to see the team at AJ Hackett once again and decided I needed to complete the worlds highest bungy at 233m. I was scared, nervous and deeply regretting my experience. I kept telling myself that I would be completely safe jumping off a building that sat higher than any casino in sight! … Five, four, three, two, one and I was free falling for about five seconds. My initial scream turned immediately into laughter as I plummeted toward the ground. It was an incredible experience and if you think you have the guts to do it, I say JUMP!


  1. Cannabis Cup must’ve been a whirlwind! When I went to Amsterdam I heard about the things that went wrong during the Cup — Sounds like fun!

  2. I had an absolutely great experience! I wandered around the streets on my own at all hours of the morning and felt completely safe. It was far too much fun and three nights was more than enough to enjoy Amsterdam the way it is meant to be 🙂

    • Well the first jump was great and I wanted to go for a second time… The staff said if I went topless I would get it for free… I go to the beach topless, so I though nothing of it 🙂
      The world’s highest bungy in Macau is the one pictured and there was no way I could even contemplate going topless for that one!!!


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