Being one of the coldest countries across the world, Canada is the home to some of the most amazing winter festivals that showcase the culture and traditions of the country in a grandiose manner. With the cheapest flights to Canada, one can easily be a part of these winter festivals and enjoy the grand celebrations in an extravagant way.

Here are the top winter festivals that are celebrated in Canada.

  • Igloofest, Montreal

Celebrated at the old port of Montreal,Igloofest is a large outdoor winter rave which is characterised by electronic dance music. It is celebrated in January and continues for four weekends totalling 12 musical nights. This festival attracts the best international and local DJs and the festival goers dress in one piece ski-suits.

  • WinterPride, Whistler

The Winter Pride festival is celebrated at the end of January and the beginning of February and is one of the biggest gay events in the country. It is celebrated with participation in the adventurous winter activities such as snowboard and ski touring, dog-sledging in Callahan Valley, snowshoe adventures and much more. The nightlife highlights are among the major attractions of this event.

  • SnowDays, Alberta

Starting from 9th January to 8th February every year in Alberta, this festival celebrates the Banff’s  historic love for the winters. The cardinal highlights of this festival include an international ice carving event, Ice Magic, an ice climbing event, and several other adventure sports activities that can be done in winter snow.

  • Canadian Ski Marathon, Quebec

Renowned as the oldest and longest Nordic ski tours of North America, The Canadian Ski Marathon is a two day long 160 km long ski event which has been segregated into 5 sections each day, where every section comprises of about 16 km., the participants ski through the splendid western Laurentian mountains and offer picturesque sights to the viewers.

  • Calgary Winterfest, Calgary

Commemorating the Winter Olympics of 1998 that held in Calgary, this festival is a family oriented event that continues for 11 days in the month of February. The festival is celebrated with live music, multicultural music offerings, carnivals, storytelling, ice sculptures carvings and dance. The professional freestyle skiers also showcase their amazing skills to people during the festival celebrations.

  • Montreal High Lights Festival

Being one of the biggest winter festivals across the globe, and the most popular one in Canad, this festival attracts over 900, 000 visitors every year from different parts of the world. The festival showcases over 100 different music concerts, musical acts, jugglers, live theatres, acrobats, with over 200 wine & food events. Indeed, it is one of the most popular events in Canada.

While these are the top winter festivals in Canada, there are many other festivals that are organized in the different parts of the country and offer astonishing entertainment to the guests.

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