Traveling around the world is the best way to dive into a new culture, see historical landmarks and experience a range of cultural entertainment. From Morocco to New York, every country has its own unique culture, cuisine and way of life.

If you are a keen traveler then you know how exhausting it can be. This is why so many people take up poker – it is a universally popular game and no matter where you are, whether you’re visiting Canada or France, there is sure to be a casino nearby where you can relax. If you are planning a trip to France, and you also really enjoy playing poker and visiting casinos, then you are sure to be interested in reading about the best poker casinos in France.

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France is the birthplace of two of the most popular casino games – Roulette and Blackjack. If you have travelled the world and visited various types of casino, then you might be surprised how different the casinos here are, compared to those of Las Vegas. An awful lot of France’s revenue comes from slot machines which means many of the rooms are filled with machines rather than poker tables.

The Parisian casino, The Aviation Club de France, is famed for conducting some of the World Poker Tour tournaments. Many world famous personalities play in this tournament and the casino is known for offering a record breaking prize pool.

Below are just few casinos you shouldn’t miss out on when visiting France.

The Lyon Vert Casino

This luxurious venue is France’s largest casino, boasting around 400 slot machines. In addition, it is also home to a variety of poker tables, as well as Roulette wheels and Blackjack. Unlike the States, the age restriction here is 18 years and above.

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The Palais de la Mediterranee

This stunning casino hotel boasts beautiful décor which has Egyptian, Greek and 1930’s French influences. There are plenty of table games to choose from, plus 6 American Roulette tables and 2 French Roulette tables.

The Barrière d’Enghien-les-Bains

If you feel like going on an adventure, then why not trek over to the outskirts of Paris and visit this stylish casino, featuring classy twenties décor. It is home to a slot machine-only room which attracts poker fanatics in large numbers. In addition, there are more than 40 games tables and 280 slot machines. You can also indulge in a game of Baccarat, Black Jack and English Roulette here at the Casino Barrière d’Enghien.



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