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[one_half][icon image=”globe” size=”large” cont=”no” float=”left”][dropcap1]M[/dropcap1]ike, Sam and Beatrice went on a two-week Costa Rican vacation to escape life, family and normalcy. They wanted to connect with nature and decided[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Costa Rica would be the best country to do this. Below you’ll find their travel itinerary that covers what cities they visited per day and types of transportation they used.[/one_half_last]


Mike, one of the travelers, documented their journey in a brilliant ADULT theme story, which you can read Sex in Costa Rica: Rediscovering our Animal Side.
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Find their travel itinerary below. [icon image=”hand-down” size=”small” cont=”no” float=”center”]

and beyond that more about Mike’s erotic travel adventure.

[table type=”striped_bordered”]
[thcol]Day 1-3[/thcol]
[thcol]Day 4-8[/thcol]
[thcol]Day 9-10[/thcol]
[thcol]Day 11-12[/thcol]
[thcol]Day 13-14[/thcol]
[tcol]San Jose[/tcol]
[tcol]Osa Peninsula[/tcol]
[tcol]Manuel Antonio[/tcol]
[tcol]San Jose[/tcol]

Flew from Denver’s airport to San Jose airport on American Airlines. The flight was last minute so the price was semi-resonably priced. $350 per person. It was a direct flight. Flight took about three hours. We left at 1pm from Denver and arrived in Costa Rica at 1 pm (because of time difference).

Prior to getting to Costa Rica we reserched where we wanted to go. Fell in love with Osa Peninsula, mainly because of the Corcovado National Park, and learned flights from San Jose to a small town in the peninsula, Puerto Jimenez.

We had to take a 12 man sesna plane ride. The flight lasted only 45 minutes. Very enjoyable ride! Great weather and scenery is breath-taking. We landed at the airport and a shuttle brought us to town. We used this company: Nature Air

We booked a private shuttle bus to Manuel Antonio.

Took a public bus, which was significantly cheaper than the shuttle bus from Puerto Jimenez to Manuel Antonio. Public buses are a good way to meet & see the people. We recommend going the public bus route. It may take longer because of the many stops but you get to experience local transportation and the locations of the several stops the bus makes.

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sex-in-costa-rica-ebookMike, Sam and Beatrice went on a two week Costa Rica getaway to escape the realities of transitioning from academia life to entering the workforce. This respite was done to reclaim an iota of personal freedom, but discovered liberation comes in many forms.

Set in the beautiful vast foliage of the Costa Rican rain forest, the trio learn more about each other, their desires and a culture unlike theirs.

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“You look fantastic by the way,” I whispered in Beatrice’s ear. “Didn’t know you can look like a real woman.”

“Ha. What do you think all those hours going to the gym was for?” she snapped back.

“That’s okay,” Sam giggled. “Mike just can’t tell the shape of a woman’s anatomy when it’s always suited up in cargo pants.

“Hey,” Beatrice said pointing at Sam, “they are comfortable and I don’t like to show off these goods all the time.” She said as she rolled her hips moving her finger from Sam’s direction down to her well-sculpted ass cheeks.

Not sure if my face gave away what the rotundity of her ass did for me, but I was quickly snapped out of admiration when Sam elbowed me on the arm, signaling for me to glance over to what he’s looking at.

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Dive into five true erotic adventures from travelers that have divulged up their sexy moments while traversing the world.

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