If you are considering traveling a far distance in your car, your itinerary should not be the only thing you are scheduling. If you plan to drive thousands of miles, there are a few tasks you should complete prior and during your trip to keep your car in the best condition possible.

Prior to Your Trip

A vehicle requires regularly scheduled maintenance. However, if you are considering a long trip, it is best to prepare your car for the heavy mileage it will be seeing. First, scheduling your vehicle for an oil and filter change is vital. Ensuring that your engine will run smoothly and efficiently will provide you with less headaches throughout your trip. Furthermore, examine the condition of your tires and tire pressure.

You should then consider doing a full check on your vehicle and replacing anything that isn’t fit. These items should include changing the air filter, checking and changing the in-cabin air filter if needed, and covering your headlights with a protective sheet to prevent any damage or clogs that bugs and other debris may cause when traveling on highways. Other important features to ensure are working properly are your windshield wipers and fluid, coolant, power steering, and brake fluid to ensure a smooth ride. 

Prep Your Vehicle

Once you have completed the above tasks, next you should further prep your vehicle with some essentials. Having a small garbage bag in your car is never a bad idea considering the many stops you will most likely be making for food, not to mention the snacking that will take place in between. You’ll also want to ensure you have spark plugs, a fire extinguisher, and a roadside-assistance service in place. Always be prepared for the unexpected when traveling far. Be sure to inspect your spare tire and ensure that your jack and tire iron are also in your vehicle.

While Traveling

During your journey, you will want to monitor the mileage you are building up. If your travels take you further than the mileage warranted for an oil change, you may require a pit stop. There are numerous fast lane oil and lube stations that take walk-in appointments. If you are headed in the direction where these services may not be so readily available, it is important to plan ahead and map out where you can obtain these services. 

One More Thing

Don’t forget to enjoy your trip. If you have achieved all of these recommendations you’re less likely to hit bumps in the road. Roll the window down and enjoy your travels knowing that your car has been properly cared for. You may come across an area you can see yourself living in, as well. If you come across the town of Whistler, you’ll most likely have these thoughts. A simple search of Whistler homes for sale may lead you to a greater destination.


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