Ever had sex while on a train, bus or airplane? Then you landed on the right page to start reading up on the latest lascivious adventures from your fellow wanderers.

These stories are experiences told by real people. They’ve witnessessed the Ping-Pong girls from Bangkok, the alluring (and legal) prostitutes in Costa Rica, and fell in love with a stranger in Oakland, California. These are only a few of the travel sex adventures, come explore the seedy side of travel.

Police Cars are Cheaper Than Taxis: How to Seduce a Panamanian Cop | Bocas del Toro, Panama

Her name was Zarra, which should’ve been my first clue. If she’d been a Millicent, our evening would have proceeded differently. Millicents don’t seduce Panamanian policía for a ride to a nightclub, and then perform cunnilingus six paces from the dance floor—at least, none of the Millicents I’ve ever met do. My (platonic) friend Paul […]

The Nagging Question – Cancun, Mexico

Ever find yourself face-to-face with a question: Is it a he or she? Traveler John experiences this, visiting Mexico & courts a beautiful woman.

Ping Pong Balls, Not a Child’s Game, Bangkok, Thailand

Not all things seen on TV or are lies. Take a trip to experience the seedy talents of the beautiful women from Thailand in this travel story. Not for the kiddies.

Slumming Stories with the Best in San Jose, Costa Rica

Exploring the seedy side of Costa Rica’s prostitution. This traveler’s story takes us to the other tourist hot spots. These stories get more detailed every time. Not for the kiddies.