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The Imam: A Turkish Delight, Sort of | Selcuk, Turkey

A take-away from this travel story: Be prepared to be sold anything and everything when visiting Turkey - it's just the custom.

Survival in India: Haggling 101

Shopping in developing countries can be an intense, even baffling, experience for westerners who are accustomed to price tags, consumer protection agencies and transparent...

Livin’ La Vida Local – Cancun, Mexico

Public buses are safe but the drivers forgo safety when money is to be made. Take a harrowing adventure into the delicacies, and culture of the Mexican people.

Lucky Money Fun Time Adventure Day, Thailand

Start with a list of things that you want to buy and do...then go out and accomplish them. The stories will come rolling after that. Join this traveler as he tackles his list...avoiding the police, a mob of vendors and sickness