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Here’s What They Don’t Tell You About Amsterdam

It's hard for a travel writer to feel particularly excited about coaxing others to visit a place like Amsterdam. It's not that it's hard...

The Imam: A Turkish Delight, Sort of | Selcuk, Turkey

A take-away from this travel story: Be prepared to be sold anything and everything when visiting Turkey - it's just the custom.

Dance, drink and be merry – No one throws a party...

The best part of travel is when you stumble upon things. And multi-day festivals, where ten year old boys can drink you under the table, is a festival where stories are made. Enjoy Raquel's ride into the Kundum Festival.

Berber Baby Shower, Morocco

When customs, traditions and personalities clash! Go along with Kate as she retells her story of attending a baby shower party, and discovering friction between her and the locals.