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The Maharaja of Sydney | Udaipur, India

Traveling offers adventures, misadventures, stories, and freedom to escape oneself and be part of another culture. Enjoy this tale of how Benjamin becomes a Maharaja in India.

Experiencing Kuala Lumpur’s diversity on a shoe-string

I decided to make a quick visit to Kuala Lumpur to undertake some personal business and to get to know a city that was...

The Green Bar Inn. A hotel review, of sorts | Xining,...

A girl gives you the eye, you smile back, she asks you to eat a cucumber...and later you give it back. Ahh, the stories one finds themselves in when traveling to great destinations as China.

Welcome To Guatemala City, Stories from Guatemala

Street freaks, decrepit not-fit-enough-to-be-called-a-room rooms: the better side of the City. Join this traveler and view the sights horrors.