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Lomo Saltado (the Solo Traveler Dish)

A solo traveler is definitely fearless. Venturing into new territories without a group of friends to back them up is a courageous act. This Lomo Saltado recipe is for you solo travelers...

Falafel from Scratch

The best resource for discovering traditions and cultural highlights is food, along with travel. Nikki Hodgon's story is testimony to what a traveler can experience when they are willing to embrace another culture. Let this Falafel recipe take you the Middle East.

What’s in Costa Rica?

If you said wildlife, then you are almost right. As this real-life Pandora will give you an experience and appreciation for what this world has to offer. You're in Costa Rica. Pura Vida!

Creamy Garlic Pasta with Walnut Sauce

In observance of #NationalWalnutDay + because you don't want to eat intestines or live wasp larvae, we were obliged to proffer this yummy recipe. Recipe was inspired by traveler's tale to Laos.

Hungarian Stew

As our fearless traveler experienced in the story I Got Scammed in Budapest, it takes awhile to get out of a sticky situation. This is why this recipe is a perfect fit - the slow cooker has your back.

The Green Chile Chicken Stuffed Spaghetti Escapade

Need an ambiguous meal to match your ambiguous feeling about somebody posing to be the opposite sex and his or her intentions towards you? Then this enchilada recipe is just for you.

Mi Amor, Mi Corvina

Corvina, the versatile fish. Can be fried, grilled, breaded, ceviche'd - the variations are almost endless. Almost as endless as the character's choice of wives in the story Love, Death, and Protein in Panama.

Veggie Mee Goreng

This easy recipe will more than likely make your head swell after your friends or family extol you on how delish the dish was. Please for heaven's sake resist the urge; nobody likes a show-off. And nobody likes an obnoxious traveler, which is what inspired this recipe.

Ceviche de Corvina

When something smells fishy you know there's something bad about to happen. So buy fresh fish and eat fresh ceviche! Recipe inspired by crooked cops.

Tandoori Octopus

DIRECTIONS Let's get therapeutic. Massage the octopus with sea salt for season, then rinse remove excess. Place octopus and peppercorns in a large pot and fill...

Sukuma Wiki

DIRECTIONS Grab a large skillet and heat medium-high. When ready toss in oil, onions and garlic. Keep stirring for about 2 minutes, be careful not...

Piranha Soup

DIRECTIONS By some chance you managed to wrangle some piranas, please read on. If you don't have piranhas where you live, and would like to...


Make some tortilla from scratch for a Honduran favorite: baleadas. This recipe was inspired by a traveler that was scammed in Honduras.

Panang Curry with Chicken

Looking for something spicy before you start the night? Enjoy this recipe of Panang Curry that was inspired by Bangkok's seedy nightlife.

Bison Strip Steak with Onions

Enjoy a succulent dish of Bison strip steak with sweet & sour onion accompaniments. This recipe was inspired by a safari travel story based in Africa.