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Exhilerating Yet Slightly Nauseating Flashbacks: Absinthe In Prague

It is 8:30 on the morning of my 28th birthday and the sun is already high in the sky, beating down as I stumble...

Drag Queens. Broken Glasses. My Britney. | Fuzhou, China

Ever wondered what a night out in Fuzhou, China is like? Travel with Antasha as she tries to remember what the f@$k happened the night before!

A Confession I must tell when I traveled to France.

There are times that life needs a little adventure to spice up your travel days. Then there are moments when you need a bath, plenty of baths for body and soul to be cleansed. Enjoy this story.

The Poetry of Peru

Journey with this traveler as he makes his way to live his story. Traveling through South America to end up with his muse. (from Buenos Aires to Cusco by bus)

Mind Shut, Travel Ahoy, Porec, Croatia

Don't turn your mind eye when drinking the brown stuff. Maybe being foolish can bring good tidings.