Barcelona, Spain should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list.  Millions of people visit this city every year and it is unmistakably where you should go if you are looking for a cultural experience.  The art, the architecture, and the museums are just a few of the things you can look forward to.  The beautiful beaches are just an added bonus and Barcelona boasts some of the top beaches in the world and they are bound to be full of some very attractive people.  The city is easy to navigate and there is plenty of inexpensive public transportation and lots of amenities for travelers.

Architecture:   Barcelona is home to some of the most unique architecture in the world.  It has eight of the world’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  Seven of these sites were created by the architect Antoni Gaudi.  The buildings look something out of a dream with their swooping lines and bright mosaic work.  The eighth site was designed by luís Domènech i Montaner.  It is called Hospital de Sant Pau and it is also a wondrous marvel for the eyes.  There are many other buildings to see as well.

Art and Museums:  Barcelona has no fewer than fifteen museums including the Museum Picasso which hosts a lot of his collection.  He painted some of his key work in Barcelona and he chose the city as the place for his museum to be.  Travel to Montjuic by aerial cable car and there are four museums situated within close proximity to each other including the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya which has a collection of art that spans over one thousand years of art history.

Beaches:  Barcelona has seven beaches on its 4.5 km of coastline.   Barcelona beach has been voted among the ten best beaches in the world.  You can head to the beaches for a day of relaxation after taking in all of the cultural sites.


  • Barcelona has an extensive network of public transportation that includes a bus network, metro, a separate historic tram line, two separate modern tram networks, and several aerial cable car and funiculars.
  • Barcelona has plenty of accommodations available including furnished apartments that you can rent by the night.
  • There is a lot of great shopping in Barcelona.
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Photo by Moyan Brenn


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