what to do in mauritius

Mauritius is a fantastic holiday destination for a wide set of reasons. We bet you would be hard pressed to find anything wrong with it in fact. Besides beach bumming, there’s quite a few other activities you can spend your time doing, here are just five to have on your list.

Take a plunge in the island’s largest waterfall. Towering 100 meters up is Chamarel Waterfall, a gorgeous display of nature indeed. You can view the majestic falls by clambering up to the view point. If you choose the ideal honeymoon package to Mauritius, you just might also to enjoy the “Seven Coloured Earth,” another attraction in combination with a tour here. At this spot, there’s vibrant browns, purples, and reds that are prominent on the volcanic dunes. This was made by the surfacing and cooling of the rocks, then it was crushed into the distinct colorful sand you see today.

Are you a daredevil? Do you like staring at danger right in the face? Well how about getting to see this island like a bird would and fall face first to the ground after jumping out of a perfectly operating airplane? That’s right, skydiving back down to the island at dizzying speeds and enjoying the magical views from up above is an insanely amazing experience. Turqoise waters, and the green forests for miles, you might wonder why you got on the plane and left it to begin with.

For a dose of spirituality, get yourself to the Grand Bassin. Located up 1800 feet above sea level is a temple honoring the Lord Shiva with a 108 foot statue of Shiva to prove it. This is the holiest Hindu temple on the island. It’s legend and a popular belief that the lake water here is holy and from the River Ganges in India. People come here on foot for Maha Shivaratri.

You may think the main island of Mauritius is enough. There’s enough beauty, natural attractions, and beaches for days. While that’s definitely true, can having too much of a good thing be bad? Of course not. So if you want more of an excuse to relish in the gorgeous tropics, head to the nearby island of Ile Aux Cerfs to the east. This is a picture perfect island. A blue lagoon to cool off in, beach BBQs, palm tree studded shorelines, and sandy beaches for as far as you can see. What else could be demanded? Perhaps some aerial views of the tourisque water below as you gracefully parasail above.

If you’re in the mood for some water fun, but need a dash of city life as well, the Grand Baie can help you out. After a day of wearing yourself out on the water with an array of water sports like sailing, waterskiing, diving, and even windsurfing, you can choose to pass out on the beach for a nap, or shower up to get out in the town. There are excellent shopping opportunities and a happening nightlife scene. You can sleep when you get home!

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