Camping provides a basic and often inexpensive way to really connect with the outdoors, making it a top choice among more adventurous travelers. Some people prefer to simply pitch a tent and rough it in the wilderness, while others want access to running water, electricity, and perhaps internet connectivity. Although it used to be a popular activity among families, especially during the warmer summer months, camping has slowly lost its appeal. Fortunately, it’s now starting to make a comeback, especially as travelers realize the benefits of ditching the standard hotel room and opting for something a bit more unique, not to mention friendlier on the wallet.

Finding the Best Campground

Choosing the most appropriate campground is essential, whether you’re traveling alone, as a couple, or with family. A nice campground is particularly appealing to travelers who want to bond with their natural surroundings without giving up the essentials. While every campground is a bit different, most well-equipped ones offer access to hot showers, electricity, and toilet facilities at just a fraction of the cost one would typically pay for a hotel room. Campers who simply want to pitch a tent can choose between bare bones destinations with a plot of land for a tent or slightly better equipped locations with access to fire pits and fresh water.

Benefits of Camping

Whether it’s for a long weekend or a full week, a camping trip is a great way to bond with those closest to you. This is especially true for family camping trips, when family members are encouraged to swap hiking boots for electronic devices in an effort to familiarize themselves with their natural surroundings. For families with younger children, camping is a great way to encourage kids to exercise and engage in free play while discovering more about the great outdoors. In 2012, a report by American Camper indicated that 10 percent of survey respondents wanted to take their kids camping to give them a better understanding of the outdoors. Fun ways to do this include family hikes or a nature-themed scavenger hunt where the kids learn about the animals, basic plants, and tree types that surround them.

Choosing a Vacation Spot

Finding the perfect destination is crucial for any camping trip. Many state parks and national recreation areas make for wonderful camping experiences. The Oklahoma parks in the Chicksaw Country region offer a mix of designated camping space and plenty to see and do during an outdoor-oriented getaway. One popular choice is Boggy Depot State Park, which has recreational and camping opportunities. The park has everything from nature trails to picnic tables and comfort stations with showers. There are 35 acres of camp grounds for tent and RV parking along with camping amenities such as a dump station, pull thru sites, restrooms, water hookup, full hookups, and outdoor grills.

Aside from getting plenty of fresh air and a change of scenery, camping has become increasingly popular because it creates a perfect opportunity to disconnect from technology. In fact, research shows that increasing exposure to natural sunlight while decreasing exposure to electrical lighting, such as that found in technology, makes it easier to wake up and be alert in the morning. A trip to Oklahoma’s expansive parks is a great place to start.

Photo credit:  Tim Stelzer



  1. I agree! It’s definitely making a comeback — and rightfully so!

    I am relieved that my own little ones prefer a night out in the woods, under the stars, than safely tucked away with their screens and earphones.

    Thank you, thank you

  2. A three-season tent is perfect for summer camping it keeps you cozy at night while protecting you from the weather and critters. If you just bought your tent, practice setting it up at home before you hit the campsite.


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