Craigslist, the renowned global classified advertising site, has long been my go-to resource for finding job opportunities in Costa Rica. In fact, I’ve spent over a decade working in various roles, all thanks to responding to Craigslist ads.

These were genuine positions within reputable companies operating within the travel and tourism industry. However, it’s crucial to differentiate between the legitimate job offers and the ones that should be avoided, as they could be deceitful.

You’ll come across a diverse range of legal job opportunities, from tourism-related work to English teaching, receptionist roles, and technical positions. Most of these jobs, even the tech ones, typically offer an hourly wage between $5 and $7.

Although many tech jobs are outsourced by companies unwilling to pay higher wages in North America or Europe, the good news is that they are still genuine, legal positions. These jobs usually offer a decent wage that is relatively middle class in Costa Rica.

One intriguing job listing that seems to reappear frequently is the “Castings Porno.” Although I have little knowledge of the adult film industry in Costa Rica, considering the number of sex workers in the country, I believe there would be no shortage of potential candidates for such roles.

Being in good shape and regularly exercising, I await the day I see a listing specifically seeking senior citizen actors. In the past, I came across a local listing seeking adult film performers, offering two pay scales: one with masks and one without. They didn’t specify the type of mask, so I decided to apply, stating that I owned a Boruca mask. Unfortunately, I never received a response.

This experience led me to seek innovative, untapped ideas for an online niche. I finally settled on Clown Porn, only to be disheartened when I discovered numerous sites already dedicated to this genre. It remains unclear whether any of these sites originate in Costa Rica, as I was too disheartened to investigate further.

Listings under “Sweepstakes” are worse than adult films, as they often lead to stories of people being arrested for scamming the elderly out of millions of dollars. A simple search for “Costa Rica Sweepstakes” will yield numerous articles on this crime.

It’s alarming how often the same story repeats, with Costa Rica-based scammers using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to target elderly victims. Pretending to be calling from Washington D.C. or other U.S. locations, they falsely claim that the victims have won a large sweepstakes prize, only to trick them into paying a deposit to receive the non-existent reward.

Despite numerous crackdowns over the years, the continuous Craigslist ads searching for “sweeps openers” and “closers” suggest that scammers will always find a way to exploit people wherever there’s money to be made.

Ultimately, the Craigslist job page reflects the mixture of legitimate work, sex-related content, and scammers that encompass Costa Rica itself. Proceed with caution when navigating this site.

1. Be cautious of job postings on Craigslist: While there are legitimate job opportunities listed, it is important to be wary of potential scams or illegitimate offers.

2. Research the job and company: Before applying or accepting a job, it is crucial to thoroughly research the job and the company offering it. Look for reviews and testimonials from previous employees to ensure it is a reputable opportunity.

3. Pay attention to the pay range: If the job offers an unusually high or low pay rate, it is worth investigating further. Tech jobs that pay significantly less than average may be outsourced positions, so it’s important to understand the wage being offered.

4. Be skeptical of “casting” or “acting” opportunities: In the case of the text mentioning “Castings Porno,” exercise caution with any casting or acting roles, especially in industries that may be less regulated. Research the industry and understand the potential risks associated with such opportunities.

5. Be aware of sweepstakes scams: If you come across any sweepstakes listings that require you to pay a deposit or provide personal information, be cautious. Sweepstakes scams are prevalent, particularly in Costa Rica, so never send money or share personal information unless you are certain it is a legitimate opportunity.

6. Maintain a sense of skepticism: Overall, it is essential to approach any job opportunity on Craigslist with a healthy dose of skepticism. Trust your instincts and take the necessary precautions to protect yourself from potential scams or fraudulent offers.


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