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Food Tour in Miami, Two Hours 6 Countries

Colombian. Italian. Venezuelan. Cuban. No I'm not naming the countries that might end up playing in the World Cup. I'm roll calling the different types of food I just ate this past weekend - and I did this in no more than two hours. How in the world!? you shockingly ask. This is how: Easily, calmly and quite satisfied. My little family, Briana (the wifey) and Mika (the little baby babe), went on an adventurous culinary tour of South Beach, Miami, Florida's yummy food treasures. The fine folks at Miami Culinary Tours led us around South Beach to several top-rated culturally inspired restaurants. They showed us what Miami cuisine has to offer, briefed us on South Beach's history and made our tummies happy with DELISH food! Disclaimer: I am a Miami native. And our tour guide Cassie (who originally hails from Colorado) knows more to South Beach than I will ever know. I was schooled.