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They become famous for their tagline – ‘The Nation of Why Not?’ – which is certainly still a good match for their cruise holidays. And if you’re thinking of trying a cruise for the first time, or indeed if you’re a cruising regular, you’ll have to think very hard to come up with a reason not to travel with Royal Caribbean International.

Let’s start with the obvious. With a cruise holiday, you can explore a number of quite beautiful destinations in one fell swoop, which beats package holidays hands down for variety. Rather than staying in a single hotel for a week or two, you can be whisked from one destination to another – perhaps seeing half a dozen locations within the space of a week – and enjoying a whistle-stop experience of each.

Another popular feature of cruise holidays is the onboard experience, and that’s where Royal Caribbean goes all-out to impress. With innovative features like surfing simulators, rock climbing walls, cinemas and even ice skating rinks, Royal Caribbean’s onboard facilities are innovative and spectacular. They go way beyond the expected by serving up a long list of different restaurants, lounges, bars, pubs and entertainment venues like comedy clubs and theatres – each with their own style and character.

It’s pretty impressive stuff – and it’s good value for money too. Just take a look at all the inclusive features on a Royal Caribbean cruise and you’ll see what we mean. On top of that, there’s always a decent range of Royal Caribbean cruise deals on offer too, which is the sugar coating on an already incredibly sweet experience. So go on… why not?



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