FAQ – Travel Content

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for inquiring more about On A Junket’s travel content platform. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please email us at pushon@onajunket.com.

How do I publish an article on your site?


If you have written a story that does not direct reader or inform reader about a certain travel product or service, you may submit your story to us.

If you are a travel company or represent a travel company / service and wish to submit your article, please sign up for one of our content publishing plans.

How long will my article be published on your website?

If you are a member of our monthly travel content plans, the articles you published will remain live until your membership month has ended.

I've cancelled membership, but I want article to remain on your website.

Once monthly membership is cancelled your articles will no longer promote your brand.

However, if you have cancelled but want article(s) to remain on website you may do so by purchasing an extension for your article(s).

What's an extension for my articles?

Extensions are just that, extensions.

This only applies to members that have cancelled monthly memberships but want articles to remain live for a certain amount of time.

Will I be able to edit articles?

Yes, you will be able to edit articles as long as you are a current monthly member.

Other than that you will have to request for an edit with us at pushon@onajunket.com

How do I cancel my membership?

You may cancel your membership by heading over to your online profile and selecting cancel membership.

Under what category will my article be published?

All travel content marketing articles will be published under Travel Tips & Advice.

Will I have a User account on On A Junket?

Yes. Upon sign-up we will create a user account for you.

It’s advisable to be human instead of a company.

Your user will be the voice of your company. Let a person speak for you instead of a company speaking for themselves or other companies  (readers will identify more with an actual person instead of a corporation – duh!).

Do you approve articles?

Yes, we read and approve all articles. Each article must be travel-related. If your article’s subject matter is gambling, pornography or anything else that doesn’t meet On A Junket’s standards, article will not be published and you receive a notification on that article.

How many out-bound links can articles have?

Each article can only have one outbound link to sponsor, multiple outbound resource links are fine.