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All stories sent to us after November 20, 2011, will be eligible for payment. So for those who have been inquiring about payment there you have it!

We’ve decided to begin paying for submissions to weed out the good and the bad entries that we receive; and to offer a supplementary incentive besides giving exposure to your piece by showcasing it in On A Junket.

Original stories only! Recycled stories will not be accepted.
Articles must not have been published in any other media outlet: Website, magazine, newspaper or forum.

What we are looking for.

We are looking for travel writers that have the ability to draw the reader into your world and evoke exploration.

What we are looking for in travel writing: Personal writing that places the reader in your shoes, and not directing them to a great place to shop or eat; Writing that has a voice is a must! – find yours (just write the same way you would talk to someone).

Only accepting writing from passionate travel writers that love the word, the unknown, and that – not necessarily all the time – like to feel the beat of an overexcited heart when running from the law or even punching out the law.

Be original and creative. The best travel writing usually carries a poetic tone.

Don’t explain how your trip to Hawaii changed your life. It’ll only sound dull and groundless to the reader. Show the moment it changed.

We are looking for explorers. Passionate travel writers. Energetic lives.

Please! we are not looking for A to B travel guides. First Person point-of-view is the most common structure for OAJ travel stories. Capture your voice and entertain the reader! Or like I like to call it infortain. While telling the story give some (but not alot) information about who and what you see, hear, and meet; and why the place you’re visiting is significant. For examples, simply read our stories.

For help on writing your story, please refer to:
Travel Story: Find Your Voice

Word Count: Between 800-1,500 words.
Please submit Word documents.

Destination of Story
Your First Name
Your Last Name
Paypal Email
and A catchy title!

Send stories to submit {at}

To send us your story, send it over as an attachment for our review. We’ll be looking for grammatical errors and how sleazy it is…be sure to mention country and city. If you have any pics, that’s a definite plus, send them over as well.


Stories that have been accepted for publishing on will be paid $35 via PayPal.
Payment will be sent roughly ten days after publishing.

Publication Right
The author will retain all rights to submitted work. We only ask that you do not submit the article to other media outlets: website/blog, magazine, forum, newspaper, until a year after it has been published in On A Junket.
Your story may be used for future print editions. If it is chosen, On A Junket will contact you wanting 100% copyright and discuss about pricing.