This Grand Piano was cleverly arranged on a sandbar on Biscayne Bay, where Miami residents facing the water can admire the mellifluous scene from their high-rise condos.

No one knows how it was placed there (Grand Pianos can weigh over 650 lbs). But it’s an artistic addition to Miami’s beautiful landscape. The piano won’t be going away anytime soon; no one is obliged to pick it up. So if you’re traveling to Miami, take a visit and take some pictures of the Grand Piano on the Sandbar in Biscayne Bay (it’s about 200 yards from Quayside condos off Northeast 107 street).

Update: Mystery Solved! What was once a pleasant display of creativity is now, as the fine folks from South Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission say, the piano amounts to liter and the eye-sore must be removed. Who must remove it? A sixteen year old that tried to impress college administrators. Nick Harrington had intended to make a video of the piano perched atop the sandbar, with Miami’s glimmering skyline as a backdrop, to impress the college admissions officers at the Cooper Union in Manhattan, where he hopes to study art or music. But alas the video was never made, only photos of him pretending to play the piano while it was on fire.

Source: Miami Herald


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