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  • A Spin Around the World – Jen and Jeff steer this site. They have left the comforts of home in Vancouver and have decided to travel by bicycle; beginning in Venice then traveling to Greece and Turkey.
  • Atlas Sliced – Is Alexis’ website where she’ll be logging her stories on Video for all to see. She also has video interviews with other intrepid travelers.
  • Back to Buckley – Jess Harding is the Australian frequent flyer and freelance writer/blogger/social media savant behind the scenes at BACK TO BUCKLEY | The Travel Blog.
  • Breakaway Backpacker – Meet Jaime, he decided to breakaway from everything and backpack the world.
  • Famsterdam Life – Meet Fabio! Read up his blog about travel, bicycle and the Netherlands
  • Gypsy Jessie – Is a young, fiery girl from Australia traveling the world she knows best – partying!…
  • Get Up and Globe – Recently married, Skott and Shawna are leaving on the Ultimate Honeymoon to explore this incredible globe, beginning in June 2011.
  • My Spanish Adventure – Will Peach left his 9-5 London lifestyle in the last half of 2011 to learn Spanish to fluency and figure out what to see in Spain while living on the cheap.
  • Mzungu Volunteers
  • Not-Home – Helen likes butterflies, rainbows, and unicorns. Val likes potatoes. Together they plan to visit every country in the world.
  • Possibly Pinay Travel Blog – She’s a 20-something single, semi-squishy mom with a tendency to belt out Tina Arena songs after two or three Coronas.
  • One Step 4 Ward – Johnny Ward is a twenty-something Irish guy who has been working, studying, volunteering and studying abroad for over 6 years now. 100+ countries in and with work experience in 5 countries he’s trying to spread the word about long-term travel, lifestyle design and the awesome opportunities associated with it!
  • The NGO List – Emma (lovely and British) and Jonathon (grumpy and Louisianan). Met in Korea in December 2005. Both on our first contracts as EFL teachers, and were working for the same hagwon (academy). A romance quickly budded, and before they knew it, we’d signed up for a second year in Korea, this time as a couple. Now they are vagabonding around the world, embarking on what has become an ever-evolving life as nomadic English teachers.
  • Traveled Earth – Mike and Ashley Lenzen are a married couple from Canada that started their RTW trip on July 6th, 2011. They have no set return date.
  • TravelWkly – is blog covering traveling destination around the world
  • – Top Travel Destination around the world
  • Tour Absurd – Katrina, an expat American living in Ireland, married to an Italian. Oh, and they like Indian food. ALOT!
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