Adventure Stories

From going on a safari and running away from mother lion or riding the rockiest white waters in Uganda, these adventures are told by real travelers that wish to share their experiences.

Adventure tales from travelers.

swimming in the amazon with pirahnas

And This Little Tourist Swam With Piranhas | Amazon, Peru

Following the outline of the Madre de Dios river on the far outskirts of Puerto...
rock climbing Quebec

The Grace of Stones: Dancing on a Rock Face in Luskville, Quebec

My friend Sasha likes to paint stones. She collects them from a narrow dust road...
Lion Feeding Safari, Africa, Zimbabwe

Nine Lions and a Buffalo | Zimbabwe, Africa

This is nature in its most raw form. Wonderful travel story of a safari in Zimbabwe. Not for the faint of heart.
Travel Story, Makalewena, Hawaii

Black as Lava: Misadventures of Making Camp in the Dark | Hawaii

The plan is simple: get to the beach. But how? Hitch-hike a handful of times, wander through a wavering road that leads to nowhere and pray that you'll meet up with your group. What's adventure without having a story to tell at the end? Enjoy Jill's ride through Hawaii.
lioness in africa, safari

The Okavango Safari, The Lioness | Botswana, Africa

Imagine a four hundred pound African beast charging at you, what do you do? Join this traveler as he recounts his story of nearly being supper in Botswana.
Travel Stories, Experiences, Rhino in Nepal

Searching for trouble in Nepal – Chitwan National Park

What is the purpose for travel? The sights, the sounds, the close encounter with wild animals that will probably cease your life without warning ?'s the latter! (it's all about the stories that you'll be able to tell... )
miami story: looking for hookers in miami

The Crisis: My Miami Addiction, Skiing in the Summer | Miami, Florida

There are sometimes during your travels that you will be a danger to yourself. But life is short, start collecting stories about your misadventures.
Travel Stories, Bois de Bolougne

Bois de Boulogne Nighttime Adventures, Paris, France

Join this traveler as he peels back a Parisian night and finds there is alot more than meets the eye. Enjoy this travel surprise as he seeks nighttime adventure. Not for the kiddies.
Travel Stories, Kayaking in Lagoon Phi

A Stormy day in Paradise, Phi Phi Island, Thailand

When traveling to far away places the last thing you think of is deadly close-encounters, but they make the greatest stories when you live to tell about them.
Travel Stories, Taxi in Thailand

Rocky Ride To Kao San Road | Thailand

So imagine you're in another country, ready for an adventure and then Bam! meet some hostile tourists that make your trip an even more adventurous start for your story.
Travel Stories, Uganda White Water Rafting

The Whitest Water of All, Uganda, Africa

Traveling in and of itself may be a hair-raising experience, but bring it up a notch and add some scary to it. Riding down the Nile river in a flimsy little raft.
Travel Stories, Experience | paragliding rio

Like a Bird, Rio De Janeiro

What's more (in)sane than listening to a man telling you to run off the edge of a cliff? An exhilarating story of a weightless journey across Rio's cityscape.
Travel Stories, Experience | hostage mexico guatemala story

No One Thanks a Hostage, Mexico & Guatemala

Sex on the beach triggers more memories than you'd imagine. Travel along with this sojourner as she lays out a wonderful story of sex, guns, and bad-breathe Guatemalans.
Travel Stories, Experience | Shooting Guns in Cambodia

Guns and Frivolity in Cambodia

This adventurer went to Cambodia for some culture but ended up throwing grenades. A clear sign that travel experiences may vary...
Travel Stories, Experience turkana tribal

In Search of the Nomads of the Jade Sea, Turkana

They call him Jesus because he's the only white man to have visited this Turkana capital in Kenya. Follow this traveler's story as he journeys deep into the African wilderness.
Travel Stories, Experience| Zambezi, Zimbabwe, Africa

The Mighty Zambezi, Zimbabwe, Africa

Love and travel can commingle at times: sharing loss of breath and sometimes innocence. Join this traveler as she retells her story of love and breathlessness while floating down a river of peril.
Travel Stories, Experience | Mongolia

A Day Out in the Countryside with the Eagle Hunter, the Throat Singer, and the Camel Milkers, Mongolia, Asia

Travel along with this journeyer as he meets a few of the local characters and discovers their unique skills in Mongolia.

On The Brink, Victoria Falls, Zambia, Africa

Witness first hand how scary & exhilarating travel can be through the eyes of this adventurer as she stands before potential catastrophe.

Men Drivers! – Travel Stories from Lesotho, Africa

Ok, the bus finally arrives but things take a turn for the worst, fast!...Are those bullet holes? Is the guy behind us shooting at us? A perfect ride in Africa, hop on and enjoy this travel story.