About OAJ, Mike and Travel Stories

OAJ = On A Junket = a travel story magazine written by travelers. A collection from budding travel writers that wish to share their adventures in the hope to inspire others to seek new ones and write their own travel stories.

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Even more now in these days, travel is the ultimate denominator – a link to our humanity – a subtle, unconscious factor that connects people. It invites us to explore the diverse differences of other cultures, religions, philosophies, and societies. And at the same time, consciously or unconsciously, to accept, embrace and celebrate distinction; gaining, even if it’s a little bit, a better understanding of self, friends, family and country.

Travel = Tolerance + Self-Awareness.

We are Travelers Without Limits: the vagabonds, the wretched, the poor, the rich, the greedy, the insecure, the lustful, the curious, the self-centered, the angry, the calm, the hateful, the tranquil, the shy, the unheard, the outspoken. We all in some way fit in a category, why not escape yours for awhile and visit how another template lives. We all travel in one sense or another. Share your story with us. Submit Your Life – The world is curious.

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Yes. I am stuffing my face.

The person pulling the strings and trying not to let the roof cave in on him, is me, Mike (my parents couldn’t find a more common name than that). You’ll see me running around the website, commenting and posting some, hopefully, interesting travel infortainment. Also make sure to comment on the hundreds of stories that travelers have submitted to us — they’re working hard in crafting their voice.


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