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Black as Lava: Misadventures of Making Camp in the Dark |...

The plan is simple: get to the beach. But how? Hitch-hike a handful of times, wander through a wavering road that leads to nowhere and pray that you'll meet up with your group. What's adventure without having a story to tell at the end? Enjoy Jill's ride through Hawaii.

Trekking Bhutan, A Dream Rekindled at 62

Trek the Bhutan wilderness with this solo traveler that is destined to finish her adventure she put on hold 23 years ago.

Cappucino – Atlas Mountains Style! Morocco, Africa

Ever have a craving for coffee during your travels and then not getting it because everything is just plain foreign? But what if you do get one and you're in the most breathtaking African landscapes known to man...wouldn't that be a great story!

Up The Bridge and Over My Fear | Auckland, New Zealand

Climbing a bridge may seem tame when comparing it to bungee jumping off of one. But don't drop your guard; danger strikes during vulnerable times. Take this story as a warning.

Friday the 13th, Bariloche, Argentina

Superstitions, are they warning signs? This traveler recounts his encounter of the unusual belief.

The Plain of Jezreel, Mount Tabor, Israel

To hike the same hill side where ancient giants walked is one thing, to run from ominous beasts is glorious. Join this traveler as he finds his destination with a little natural help.