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Scary is an emotion one would equate to fun. Sure the strangers in masks surrounding you in a parade at night may scare you, but chances are you won’t die from them. Enjoy these experiences from travelers that just had the s&*t scared out of them!

How Not to Get Mugged in El Salvador

Fight or Flight...This response theory gives birth to all the best travel stories. Enjoy Richard's scary bus ride in El Salvador.

Body Jumping in Russia

Family vacations can be very memorable, the good and scary ones alike. But let's face it, a bit of scary makes a great story. Enjoy Susan's family vacation into bloody Russia.

The Okavango Safari, The Lioness | Botswana, Africa

Imagine a four hundred pound African beast charging at you, what do you do? Join this traveler as he recounts his story of nearly being supper in Botswana.

Driven by Demons in Santa Cruz | Belize

Taxis are practical, right? Well, in certain countries they may be hazardous to your health. Enjoy this traveler's story as he finds out the hard way.

Fear and Loathing in Paris

The one time you wear your dress when you're solo traveling in Paris is when all the men act like wolves. Read on as Laura tells her scary travel story.

Nocturnal vehicle invaders in Outback Australia

Exploring the great Outback is one thing but having the Outback's critters exploring you is another. Enjoy this traveler's story about being overrun by mice!

A Stormy day in Paradise, Phi Phi Island, Thailand

When traveling to far away places the last thing you think of is deadly close-encounters, but they make the greatest stories when you live to tell about them.

Rocky Ride To Kao San Road | Thailand

So imagine you're in another country, ready for an adventure and then Bam!...you meet some hostile tourists that make your trip an even more adventurous start for your story.

Escaping the Everglades, Florida

They escape the Everglades at night with hissing Alligators on their trail and airborne assassins closing in.

No One Thanks a Hostage, Mexico & Guatemala

Sex on the beach triggers more memories than you'd imagine. Travel along with this sojourner as she lays out a wonderful story of sex, guns, and bad-breathe Guatemalans.

My first day on a scooter: What would go Viet-wrong? –...

Extorting victims, machete wielding bystanders, crooked cops - All in all, it was a nice ride! Hold on and enjoy this travel story...

Men Drivers! – Travel Stories from Lesotho, Africa

Ok, the bus finally arrives but things take a turn for the worst, fast!...Are those bullet holes? Is the guy behind us shooting at us? A perfect ride in Africa, hop on and enjoy this travel story.

Torn Away In a Second, Rome, Italy

A two-sided story about loss and found in Rome, enjoy this tale from these two travelers that get torn apart by a train.