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Definitely not an experience that one would like to repeat, but it does make a good story to tell your friends. Enjoy horror travel stories from “never-again” travelers.

Leaving Ireland to Ottawa, Canada

We've all had bad days. But bad travel days? These are the ones that make traveling not such an alluring hobby. Take it from this traveler as she recounts her funny, long and harrowing adventure back home.

Angering Ekahau | Belize

Taking home souvenirs from your latest adventure is one thing. But bringing home species in unconventional methods can be stomach turning. Enjoy this story of Belize, a family and a botfly. (Ekahau is the Mayan God of travelers and merchants.)

Friday the 13th, Bariloche, Argentina

Superstitions, are they warning signs? This traveler recounts his encounter of the unusual belief.

Welcome To Guatemala City, Stories from Guatemala

Street freaks, decrepit not-fit-enough-to-be-called-a-room rooms: the better side of the City. Join this traveler and view the sights horrors.