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China Travel Stories from travelers that have visited China and have written about their experiences.

at the club fuzho china, nightlife

Drag Queens. Broken Glasses. My Britney. | Fuzhou, China

Ever wondered what a night out in Fuzhou, China is like? Travel with Antasha as she tries to remember what the f@$k happened the night before!

Waited on Hand and Foot – Guilin / Nanjing, China

Not all travel stories have horrifying twists; some begin and end with hospitality and humility. When humanity's empathy trumps the culture barrier...

The Green Bar Inn. A hotel review, of sorts | Xining, China

A girl gives you the eye, you smile back, she asks you to eat a cucumber...and later you give it back. Ahh, the stories one finds themselves in when traveling to great destinations as China.

No Balloons, Hong Kong, China

A walk-through story of Hong Kong. With any travel experience results may vary, but this traveler's expectations don't even come near to the end results.